Friday, August 29, 2014

Rebirth of Lyon Sacks

Fools, Frogs, and Steve Jarrot

Notes for music playing it is the way that you love me, it the notices of bliss forever, and the kisses that were given when the food was gone, and the money was gone, and it was a day to be happy, and the sun was covered with darkness. Happy Birthday Steve, sorry for the pain, sorry for the hurt, given in a dream state, the life that we had together, hopes for your true colors to shine again, and again in the next year. The point made about your dick was not lost on me by email, and to tell you now, what I told you then the affair that we had was not a love thing, and I am sorry that is not what you wanted. It was and still is my life, and as a boyfriend, you never was one for me. I told you that you were the 420 connection and the driver, that was the role that you played in my life, and I wanted to thank you for your time and attention to me and what needed to be done together. Thank you for the joy and the pleasures of all the cherry moments that we created together, thank you for the best Christmas of 2011 in La Quinta, and the stars that were so bright that year. The year that I loved you the most was that first one. I like Rachel that year also, the trips to the pool at the resort in Indio, the trips to the school to get Rachel, but that hair thing was over my head, with or without the hair, Rachel was a doll that year, not sure how it happen that she turned out the way that she did.

Have a plan to turn the page, and remember the past for the lessons learned, and the one in the life time events that we had to live. The fire that happen August 17, 2012 was something that I could not get over, the death that we have together, thank god everyday for life after dying in the RV in Redlands, and there were no lights at the end of the turrel for me, I died and do not remember what it was like. Thank god for dead Charley Jarrot, who plays and runs with you in your dreams, and the stories that you had about Charley were much better than the state of hair Rachel had, so what, she got a wig to go out of the house. I have been telling people that I paid for two of them, and the hate that I had for not being able to go on that trip, it would have been a better day for all of us. Open your eyes and the truth of the matter, is that you can not please every body, and you have to please yourself, have more to say to you, just that my back hurts, and I can not move now, and it is noon and I need to eat. Wishes for you are the best, and have more money for you to make to help more people, will you have me with the big picture Steven Jarrot, if there is any light in your heart, you will call me not text hate for me, no more text about pouring acid on my face, no more texts about how you want to kill me, open up your mind and give the gifts of love, peace, joy and happiness. Listen to the wind blow over the ocean, listen to Charley when he visists when you sleep, listen to the stillness of the light of day, and answer the call to more and better, as the person you were in 2011 for Christmas and all the lights.

Have been stuck in the middle with clowns on the right and jokers on the left, time to find another song to dance to.

Ready for the battle of the wits, frog queen? How is that for attention now, bottle blone binbo, Sima, Sheri, Rachel Jarrot. Good times, jackasses and the freaks out at night, Sheri Jarrot, Cum for the wide mouth, talk dung now, cows and whales to date 7603601613.The Fairy, the frog, the reptiles that are spineless…… 

Lyon Sacks Jets Cuba

Lyon sacks of shit from the government, lyon sacks of garbage, lyon sacks of lives that run the world of government offices, hospitals, post offices, army of frogs, fools and donkeys, run this company. I was a worker for the government for 25 years on three levels, and the wheels still turn. Life is a wheel, time is a wheel, and life is time as a wheel, time does not stop, but the wheels do stop turning, and life is over for so many, one wheel or a hurdede wheels, in time the wheels do stop turning, and life is over for the masses, and time to leave the right side of the grave, to fall or get thrown into the left side of the graves.

Graves to you and graves to meet, hope to never meet you there, white and red and blue are the true colors for the few, the choose to live life large, in a blue state of mind. Peace, joy and happiness is the reason to smile, the season of peace joy and love for all man kind, in his stupid, dim, twisted, tainted, bend, and out of shape kind of way, for the government workers, and the lyon sacks of shit that they have to work with day in and day out, and dthe stories are created to retell again and again, and how you were able to keep on standing.

A prayer for today, for the fools, frogs, and the donkeys, in the hills of Riverside, and the Jarrot Jews, that have return for another turn at living as asses again, changed forms. Waiting for Steven Jay Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, Sima Jarrot, Jackie Jarrot, Daniel Geoage, and the tribe within the classes of fools, frogs, reptiles not attorneys, and the boat, that floats in their world.

Pray today for the sins that are truths for them, the twisted form of the truth, and honesty are just punch lines for them, others use the words to live by. Standard are of barn animals, and the cows do come home to roam in Upland, Ventura, La Quinta, Handcock hills for Jackie Jarrot, the theif that steals from self for the insurance money, every year a claim was made during childhood on the fourth of July, family lifestyle, steal from the Allstate monthly is how to live. 

aaa was used to committed crimes of love and passion for Steven Jay Jarrot, May 9, 2013 from Palm Springs, and take it from there to Lynnwood, CA to point the finger at another vitimit of this snake in the grass. Does that sound like love to you? In your world to hurt the one woman that you wanted to put in a cage for your fun and games, is true love to you? 

Life has changed, and the signs are in place for a big bang, signs are in place for a lot of blue stars out can you see them, where you are, they are shooting high in the sky. Check out the moon, and the shapes that are not the same sky, with more stars to see when you look up.

Steven Jay Jarrot, is on his way back to Cuba for a tip for the fools, frogs and jackasses just like him, within the family living and the dead ones as asses in the hills of Riverside, CA. Back to the start, to see the changes that have taken place for the tribe and the deeds and actions, and the good will that is in place with free will, and the changes that you make and how the changes move over and out in the world, because you are here. Gifts of land, with houses should be the pay back for the deeds and actions of the fools, frogs, and reptiles that make up the family unit of asses. Jarrot Bisexual Freaks White and Superstars, and legends in their own minds, is how they want to appear. Rich and famason without the work, and just because they are horny dogs, frogs, and fools.

Prey on the weak, the displace, the veteran because they are worth more, and help them find their way, dreams of the houses needed for the people that are lost and out of a mental state, that is over their head, under water and undead, and unstable are the people that should find help from Steven Jarrot, my hope and dreams for him is to use the land to build the houses for the fools, that are under water always. The working poor, because he lived that life for 10 years. He is a veteran of RV Camping. the shit that was bagged everyday, because not enough water in the tanks, and the food bags full of human waste matter that was expel from Steven Ass while RV camping. 

Dream life to bag your shit everyday forever and a day while RV camping, not a pretty site, but a way of life for so long, help the others that are coming behind you find their way faster, provide the services, and make money to give away, was told or lead to believe this was pleasure to give to the poor, for Steven Jarrot, hope that light is still on. Hope for a brighter tomorrow for him and the golden cows, bison, cattle callers, bald or not rachel rotten gay pretty in pink girl, that is learning a better way to live, is the hope in place.