Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tears Grass

 Dead Feds: Good times, hamster dead, undead and unstable jokes, fun and laughter. Angels to fall from the skies, blue stars to shine bright. Wishes at night under the stars, parties on the beach. Trip this summer, hot as hell life in the wild. Angels fell on head, alive again, teaches and mothers, trips in time and space. Classes on the beach, classes in the woods,  tales to spin, stories to tell, blue birds in dogwood  trees. Gifts of music, gifts of songs to dances, earth angels here on earth. Gifts to give, gifts to share, angels goodness and mercy, angels back to host of angels, to protect the young and foolish.

RV Waves: Hell hounds on wheels, cheaters and liars, classes on love and devotion. Love and hate horns on a goat, joys and pains, dances in the rain. Snakes in dens, monkeys in packs, crooks and robbers hanging on crosses. Tips and tales of others, history online, mud on glasses, clear to see. Head in asses cum to follow. Cum suckers easy to find, oral experts on light night sites, Craigslist

Faithful and bullshit, words to define, love and devotion-Jewish style, love and hate horns on a goat. Tips and tails in air, 300 ducks sucked in a month, records to break, 3000 dicks sucked by dancer. Chips for dances, dick in the wind, 3000 dicks in a lifetime to share, dead at 21. Pills to daddy, lids to lips cum desires, oral expert code of creeds, dreams and liars, chips for dancers. Faithful and true, sad and blue notes of a life of snake charmers, green eye devils in glasses, hell hound under cover. Jokes and poker plays, credit or cash yours to theirs, party and play, with crooks and robbers.

Jewish Cattle, Jewish Snakes to date, donkeys in Riverside, monkeys to see in  Upland or Ventura, California. Treats and tricks, cattle and goats, buffalo runs, rats running races. Dates to set, bones in a box, snakes in dens, saints and sinners. Games with dicks, games with tricks, games with words, accounts to hack, Maya Dsilva on Facebook, phone number changes, password also, jokes to share. Snake in Grass Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, sinner or saint, little man, so short, had to walk in sun to find his way to pits of hell, hell hound, seven snakes alive. History of love and devotion, history of blame games, Jewish Rites to tell lies in color. White, Black and yellow, snakes under the skin, frogs and fresks, good times, to step up and take the heat. Worms to accounts to kill history online, Steven, Sheri, and Rachel Jarrot, land whales. Butches, bitches, and dyke

 Hollywood porn stars, Beverly Hill Wigsout, Rachel, Rachellyn1010,  butch to bitch, ass out, cum suckers land whale, hands out more cash to spare. Cum sucker, swith error for trucks and treats. Ass wide open, just like daddy, cum sucker, movies to part, movies to watch, Rachel Jarrot, the porn star.
Red Hearts:Jumps for joy, joy for fun, tips and tells, just for one. Tricks and trades, games like sire, suckers to cum, joys and pleasures .  Trips to the white moon, bottoms up, bare buts on beach, songs to sign, songs to sing, thank god the which is dead. Jokes on dead, Christmas  day 2012, grandmother killed by mice. Not dead by tracks on head. Grandmother not dead by reindeer. Great song, better then dead by cancer, holes in the head.

Joys and pains, bones in a box, another one bites the dust. Sinners  and saints, joy to the world. Butch on a jackass, with her pimp, birth to a bastad to save the world. Notes
Notes left in sky. Stars in the heavens, stars to guide, the drug runners, the wise men. Fairy tales, Bible stories, Peter Pan take a stand. Hogs and cattle, freaks and frogs, good times to party and play the nights away, dream life to have different asses on your face, lover for one is not the case, to much sex and the eyes goes batty for frogs, or craps under the rocks, under the sands of time, snakes, frogs, and cattle callers out to rob your blind, time and attention to spare for the freaks out at night?

No not in this life, maybe later as a bird, plenty of fish to seas. Falls taken in the darkness under the  sands, frogs and snakes, nine times to come out of there skins, jokers and clowns. Games to play all day, games to play with spiders and snakes, nomads  under the surfaces, freaks out at night. Games played with crooks and robbers, cowboys and Indians.