Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wild Cat Dances

Kitty Whips
Time and space, dressed kitty with whips and chains, asses to whip. Fruits and nuts down south eating, cats and kitties, fish treats. Dances in the rain, expert in sunny and bright steps to open skies. Happy and delighted for lessons learned first attempts in learning, not to fail, practice to win the rites to write a tale of cats fighting. Cat fights, kitty saved from suckers on the beach, pimps and drug dealers to date.

Princess Whale, bald turkey on the rag, lovers for cherry pie, daddy? Steven Jarrot freak hatched 090462, Cuban transplants, Sima and Paul Jarrot, rotten apples off  trees. Rachel Jarrot, fake hair expert.Butch to date-7609020855.

ENGLISH words, for the wise. Stupid can not be fixed, dense and dump for a season in the sun, as a frog or a fish  plenty of them both in the sea. To fail: first attempt in learning. To end: effects never dies on one hand and no on the other hand: define as next opportunity, turning the page and moving  foward. Fuck views of others, get up and dance away from blues of fish in the sea. Good times, happy times to share for the joys and pains.

Great day to turn back the pages of time, to see the clear picture, love and devotion, love and hate, the flip sides of a coin, love and hate the horns of a goat. Gifts to share with the words written of the bumps in the roads, trips to hell with the hell hounds, the Jewish Jarrot Whales and Freaks of 2015, gifts to share and oral talents to trade for a lick or a dick to suck, friends of yours?

Cattle Calling in Desert
Cows, Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?
Enough for the Charmed

The whale, big mouth bitch, fat as a cow with a calf in the oven. Bottle Blonde Bimbo, bad hair queer and cattle caller, always putting here nose in family members affairs.

Always  dodged this super-sized wide ass jackass, mouth is too big for most of us. Hate the views, and the twisted and bend levels of truth and honesty with her, have her views to share. Fake friend, whale to date, base ball hat hairdresser to talk dung all day long, her make-up, and a one butch state of affairs.

Sheri Jarrot, is the worst person in the world for periods of joy and pleasures for others, would rather talk shit and shake the snakes, (Steven Jarrot, and the girlfriends he can not keep, because )Sheri Jarrot, has dung to throw to make the paths part ways. Every girlfriend gets appareled, with the hairless freak,  n perfect lover for both parents since birth. wet, bald, kitty to lick for oral experts in the tribel.

Rach, Rachel, Gay Jarrot, dancing whale on land. Sheri Jarrot, plays tricks with the phones of the girlfriends, lies about affairs, and hates the fact that she is a fat, bottled, blonde bimbo, with more bad hair dazes in base ball caps. Some  hairdresser can not do her own hair, or her kids to make statements. Cattle caller, bison, to twist in the winds. they can be alone again, time and time again. Phones calls, texts and emails, to family members dates, mates, and lovers. Devil within the hell hound of Upland, butch for the cum of the kid, Rachel Jarrot, lovers and suckers since day one, birth. Freaks, frogs, and fools, good times on a face of a fool with oral talents to shine in the tribe. 

Stupid cannot be fixed, stupid should not breed, lost causes out of the gate.
Summary: Dense, dumb, simple, self-serving, gay and happy: 

More questions up in the air about the lights that shine bright, and the plans, goals, and dreams in action to complete, and a place to stay closer to the beach. New friends, and more wind under my wings, and the beginning of growth and changes.

That is just the tip of the mountain, and a few tips about what kind of person that I am. I am a veteran that write stories for other veterans get their benefits, my gift to share. Have dreams of more education, and have to be a little more stable for that in my mind. Help me climb the mountains to greatness?

Angels above, sights to see the undead and the unstable, spooks that appear for the corrections need for a night of peace. Gifts of words need to tame the beasts on the left side of the graves. Graves to me and graves to me, busy dying daily, joys and pains with the bumps in the road.

Sorry for the wrong picture to read. That is my best fake friend and her kid, with a $6K hair solution. Bumps in the road, questions on faithful and bullshit, defined as love or hate, horns on a goat. Gifts from the center of the earth. Hell hounds, crooks, thieves, robbers, land whales. Had a period on the cross, because of the looks and charms of the mother and kid pair. Third person views rules the worlds of Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, happy to be done with the time with snakes and snails. 

Happy Friday talking head, dragons to swing in the wind...Beaches, and 420 farmers, dates with the horses, for the horse and pony shows. Good times back in time to Az for the 1500 century market place in Apache Junction, for the fun of it. 

Walks on the beach, tall man in the moon light, 420 blue dreams blowing in the wind, notes on the sand written to the expired members of the clan, notes of joy and laughter for the bumps in the road, dances in the rain, and the lessons for the fake friends, and the snakes in the grass.

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